Search engines Depending on ESP - Can it Beat Google?

Search engines Depending on ESP - Can it Beat Google?

After i was at library school, we learned how to search content databases using special indexes and commands. Lots of people used to using Google for search are not aware of how powerful those tools were. To an experience searcher, who pays, and gets their wage, on an hourly basis, as well as minute, it could be a slap in the face to obtain a listing of �most popular� search results. New Search Engines

It�s not a coincidence the major search engines just eventually do search in a fashion that maximizes advertising revenue. �Most popular� search engine results entails �most advertising revenue�. Nothing against advertising, so long as it�s the white-hat variety. Presumably, as the search tools cost nothing, people won�t complain if they�re missing something.

Exactly what are people missing? It is difficult to tell because the popular view of the Internet is so deeply entrenched. But the web, as originally intended, needs to have the ability to inform and enlighten, primarily by giving varying perspectives as well as context, and insodoing elevate the discussion. Put simply, the precise the complete opposite of a listing of sites sorted from most to least popular via crowdsourcing.

A good litmus test will be the ability with the Internet to come to light key content in the tariff of tabloid journalism. For instance, through the Clinton presidency, was in the room much coverage with the president�s private parts, and perhaps inadequate of emerging national security concerns? One might presume how the president was made to spend 50 % of his day answering sensational reports, and yet another half leading the country.

Apparently there is nothing to become done. Everyone thinks that Google includes a lock on search innovation.

Except me.

Realizing that it could take extreme innovation, and requesting people�s patience, I developed a new search concept called Esp For me personally. You read that right, this is a search results according to ESP. Now, don�t get me wrong, this is tongue in cheek, but the name has no less than the maximum amount of to do with the item as Yahoo or google!

The important thing feature of Esp For me personally is that it is based on user intention instead of keyword popularity. So in a way, it is analogous to ESP. As time passes, it is possible how the  system could be more effective than AI, not to mention Google. New Search Engines

Esp For Me is now in Beta and it is designed like a game. You can check out at

I knew you desire it!

Scott Rummler is definitely an artist and designer living in Williamsburg Brooklyn. He could be the founding father of, BooleanGrid, and, as well as the author of Collaborative Technologies and Applications, available on Amazon.